Film Club


The Flaunting, 3:01, 2016. A museum sells its soul, via a terrifying 1963 film based on a Shirley Jackson novel. The film was scored by Humphrey Searle, who studied with Webern.



Tom and Jerry and Anton, 3:12, 2015. Music by Webern cut to a sadistic cartoon.



Trump Vs. Bush, 1:59, 2015. Made during the primary campaign, when these candidates were considered the frontrunners. Sound by Tim Spelios.



Sniggerton, 4:06, 2015. An synesthetic experiment using only text and music.



Schismatics, 1:38, 2016. Elliot Green’s painting, Schismatics, as it came into being, set to to the third movement from Anton Webern’s Five Pieces for Orchestra, Op.10. This collaboration was included in Green’s and Brody’s exhibition at Studio 10 in Brooklyn.