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Selected Artcritical Reviews:

Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder

Karen Arm

Michael Ballou

Alexander Ross

Joan Linder

Matt Freedman

Marsha Cottrell

David Humphrey

Gary Panter

Paul Rudolph

William Kentridge

Pablo Picasso


Ending It All With The First Picture, Bomb Magazine, 2013, “David Brody follows the trail of interwoven fiction, fact and art in Nabokov, Bruegel, Disney, Eve Sussman, Lech Majewski, and others.”

Marina Abramović’s Goldberg,  Bomb Magazine, January 6, 2016: “In the coy manner of Yoko Ono, we were instructed: ‘Listen.’ (No duh.)”

The Anxiety of Influence, Brooklyn Rail, 2008, “Should I have rehearsed? No, no, I’d sound like an idiot. No, the problem was, I was an idiot.” (Fiction)

Matt and Dave Take a Hike, Bomb Magazine, 2013, by David Brody Matt Freedman

One Question/One Answer, Romanov Grave, 2016, “Do you think about color differently when paintings and animating?”


Jane Fine

Caroline Cox

Brenda Goodman

Phillip Taaffe

Marsha Cottrell

Tamiko Kawata

Cindy Tower

Michele Segre

Gregory Barsamian

David Henderson

Daniel Wiener