Phong Bui, 2014

Phong Bui, “Dear Friends and Colleagues,” The Brooklyn Rail, June 5th, 2014

Brody’s “8 Ecstasies,” an 11-minute, high definition, computer-animated film with a dramatic sound score by Zig Gron, was shown in the cavernous darkened space of the Boiler along with isometric glow-in-the-dark tape drawings on bubble wrap, a large sculpture hanging high from the ceiling, and an elaborate poem by poet Nick Flynn. The exhibition displays the artist’s most liberated work to date, an endless exploration of the entangled grid. It recalls Daedelus’s labyrinth on Crete, as much as Piranesi’s etchings of famous prison interiors (that inspired M.C. Escher’s Relativity series), as well as Mondrian’s Pier and Ocean series, and Borges’s “The House of Asterion,” or even countless video games depicting similar concepts of maze-like spaces.

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